• Brand Name: TOMZN
  • Type: Mini
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: DDS238-VAP
  • Overvoltage protection range: 85-300V ( default 270V)
  • Under voltage protection range: 85-300V ( default 170V)
  • Over current protection range: 1-63A ( default 40A) or 80A
  • Delay on time range: 2-255s
  • Delay off time range: 1-512s
  • Active time range: 0.1-60s


  1. AC 85-300V 50/60HZ
  2. Over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection can disable one , two or three of them.
  3. the device have lightning protection for itself.
  4. Voltage and Current Accuracy 0.5%
  5. Its own power consumption <0.5W
  6. Can be manually and automatically reconnect.
  7. Can set the delay on and delay off time
  8. Can be used as a normal switch
  9. Can be used as a cycle switch. Remarks The product does not have a battery. If the external power supply is out of power, the cycle time starts from 0.
  10. Electricity metering accuracy Class 1
  11. Backlight mode is optional, convenient for user scene selection
  12. Malignant load identification limit (pure resistive load), for apartments Rental housing restrictions Fast heat Electromagnetic Kettle Electric rice cooker and other resistive high-power equipment.



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