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– Product code: HHK14083
– Manufacturer: INGCO
– Origin: China
– Specialized for turning cotton thumb screws
– Hexagon made of high strength, unbleached chrome steel Rust and rust from time to time
– Hexagonal set of eight trees: T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40
– Weight: 0.1 kg

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8 INGCO HHK14083 (including 8 trees in short order, T9, T15, T20, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40) are used for turning screws. cotton, widely used in many industries such as mechanics, milking, manufacturing, warranty machines … Each hexagonal tree is made of high strength chrome steel, not worn and rust by the time, the length of each hexagonal tree is just enough, just use a small impact force is able to screw / open the screw you want then.


INGCO Tools has been in Vietnam market, the advantage of tools – this tool is cheap, cheaper than the products of Bosch or Makita. For the quality, if the machinery of Bosch or Makita is 10 points, Ingco also scored 7 points. Ingco Equipment & Tools is the home of enthusiasts who want to bring the best to their customers, so that they can meet the demands of simple to professional use. small nails, screws … to a number of professional machines such as concrete drilling machines, hammers, generators, water pumps … all meet the world quality standards.




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