1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : Battery Electrolyte Hydrometer

3. Material: Glass

4. Size: 330 mm


How to assemble:

1. Assemble the red rubber,there is a hole on it, mainly for protecting the densimeter from being sucked into the gasbag.

2. Put the densimeter into the glass tube.

3. Assemble the sucking head.

4. Then assemble the gasbag. Its main function is for measuring electric battery fluid density.

5. When using, put the meter vertical immerse in a transparent container, then you can read electric liquid density from the table at any time.

Function :

1. Measure Range: 1.10-1.30

2. Professional for measuring acidity and alkaline storage battery solution.


It is not easy to master the concentration ratio of water in battery, so the densitometer is very important.

Usually the density of the electrolyte should be controlled at 1.27.

Package include:

1pc * Battery Hydrometer


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